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Maximizing Investment Returns through Utility-Scale Energy Storage for Sustainable High Yield Operating Assets

About Us

Empowering the Clean Economy with a Comprehensive Suite of Cutting-Edge Renewable Energy Solutions

Our Technologies

Implementing Green Technologies to Propel the Energy Sector in the Fastest Growing Regions of the World

Maximizing Profits for Infrastructure Projects through Green Energy Technology Integration


Revolutionizing Sustainability and Scalability with the Power of Microgrid Solutions

Advance the world with cleaner and more efficient power technology integrated solutions and grid balancing sustainable operations.

Our core business strategy is to provide advanced green energy solutions with commercialized technology implementations for businesses worldwide and monetize Battery Energy Storage System solutions while balancing the grid for optimal energy efficiency.

Integrated Platform

Bitech's Integrated technology platform for super energy saving

Advanced BESS Solutions

Building Battery Energy Storage Systems to balance the grid

Bitech EMS Solutions

X-EMS solutions for power efficiency including Home-EMS, Building-EMS, Community-EMS

Technology Acquisition

Acquiring breakthrough renewable energy technologies

Technology Partnerships

Global revenue sharing model with licensing and system integration

Other Solutions

Industry Energy Management, Intelligence Metering, Virtual Power Plant

What we’re offering

BESS Solutions

State-of-the-art Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) solutions to save energy while generating revenue with arbitrage via EMS and balance the grid with intelligent time peak shifting control.

Integrated Solutions

As a technology enabler for the green energy sector, we instigate innovative solutions implementing cost saving technology integration with a focus on smart grid, energy storage, BEMS, and EV-related infrastructure.

Value Propositions

We advance the world with a suite of innovative green energy solutions to help resolve the current energy crisis today, when power saving is the most challenging issue for several industry sectors.

Need to explore the most cost-effective renewable solutions to your operations or any power plants that consume too much energy?

Recent Company news

June 6, 2024

Bitech Technologies Completes a 2.425 GW Solar Project Sale with Expected $19.4 Million Revenues

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) have experienced significant growth in the United States, driven by the integration of renewable energy, the need for grid stability, and various economic and policy incentives.

April 24, 2024

Bitech Technologies and Bridgelink Merge to Conquer U.S. Battery Energy Storage and Solar Markets, Prepare to Uplist on NASDAQ

“This partnership marks an exciting new chapter in our pursuit of sustainable and impactful solutions for a greener tomorrow while aiming to uplist to NASDAQ.”

April 15, 2024

Bitech Technologies Executes Definitive Agreement with Bridgelink for a Business Combination to Acquire Battery Energy Storage Systems and Solar Projects with estimated capacity of up to 5.8 GW

“This business combination is a demonstration of a mutually advantageous partnership to benefit our shareholders,” stated Benjamin Tran, CEO of Bitech Technologies.