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About Bitech Technologies

Bitech Technologies Corporation [OTCQB: BTTC] is a leading edge renewable and clean technology enabler, dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of environmentally-friendly energy solutions for renewable energy projects. We implement system integration solutions to drive forward revolutionary energy technologies, particularly in the field of smart microgrid to help balance power grids across the United States. As owner operator, our primary focus is the monetization of our 1.96 GW pipeline of grid-balancing Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects built for sustainable revenue model and implementing the latest advancements in BESS and Energy Management System (EMS) technology within our combo pipeline of 5.8 GW of BESS and solar projects to maximize returns and profits for our global investing partners. As we continue to play an integral role in advancing the clean energy economy, we strive to foster strategic partnerships with established technology innovators and reliable renewable energy providers. Through these partnerships, our objective is to attract global investments, penetrate emerging markets with large economies, and create scalable energy solutions with strong emphasis on smart grids, smart Home EMS, smart Building EMS, smart Campus EMS, smart energy storage, and AI green data centers. Our global mission is to lead the digital transformation in the green energy industry as we play a vital role in creating a sustainable future.

BESS Business

Innovative Technology Enabling

A Global Green Energy Technology Enabler

Dual Growth Business Model

Our Core Team

The Bitech Technologies core team brings together an international group of high-caliber professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise involving cleantech/renewable energy innovation, environmental laws, international business development, technology sales, M&A, investment, and engineering expertise to advance our global growth strategy within the cleantech/renewable energy industry.

Renewable Energy Technologies

We advance the world with cleaner and more efficient power technologies with incubation services leading to M&A or IPO opportunities.

Global Market

We select business partners across the globe with defensible deep techs to license, commercialize and unlock full potential toward fast-growing regions.

BESS Operations

We acquire or build out power plants using Battery Energy Storage Systems to generate sustainable revenues while balancing the grid and enhancing power efficiency.

Revenue Sharing Model

We offer a revenue-sharing business model via long-lasting partnerships with new technology companies with proven leaderships.