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January 15, 2024

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Benjamin Tran, CEO of Bitech Technologies

Bitech and Bridgelink have formed a legally binding commitment to combine their technology strengths and assets with a business combination.

Bitech Technologies [OTCQB: BTTC] (Bitech) and Bridgelink Development (Bridgelink), two leading companies in their respective industries, had recently announced a business combination that would bring them together to create a powerhouse in the renewable energy market. This was not just any partnership, but a serious and legally binding commitment that would merge the strengths and assets of both companies.

The decision to merge was not made lightly. It came after careful consideration and planning by the leadership teams of both organizations. Bitech, an emerging green energy tech enabler known for its innovative products and services, saw an opportunity to expand its reach into new markets with Bridgelink's expertise in project development, investments, and supply chain management of large-scale renewable projects.

On the other hand, Bridgelink, which had been looking for ways to stay competitive in the ever-changing business landscape, saw this as a strategic move that would enhance their capabilities and provide them with access to cutting-edge technologies.

The business combination in progress between Bitech and Bridgelink is seen as a win-win situation for both parties. It would allow them to leverage each other's strengths while minimizing any weaknesses. The merger in progress also presents an opportunity for both companies to pool their resources and increase their market share significantly.

As part of this binding merger agreement, Bitech would acquire majority ownership of Bridgelink, becoming the parent company of the merged entity. This meant that all operations, assets, and shareholders of Bridgelink would be transferred under Bitech's control.

To ensure a smooth transition and integration process, both companies had appointed legal teams to oversee all aspects of the merger. Contracts were drawn up detailing the terms and conditions of the deal, including financial arrangements and employment contracts for employees from both companies.

Furthermore, extensive due diligence is being conducted on both sides to verify financial records and identify potential risks before finalizing the agreement with a definitive agreement in progress. This further solidifies the commitment between Bitech and Bridgelink towards making this merger successful.

Both companies are excited about what this joint venture could mean for their future growth prospects. The combined expertise would allow them to innovate and provide customers with a more comprehensive range of products and services. Together, Bitech and Bridgelink are ready to take on the market and becomes a unified force to be reckoned with.

The business combination between Bitech and Bridgelink, as seen in the recent press released on January 12, 2024, is not just a mere partnership but an important step towards achieving their long-term goals. It was a serious and legally binding commitment that would bring significant benefits for both companies, their employees, shareholders, and most importantly, their customers. The future looks promising for this new merged entity as they set out to create new opportunities and redefine standards in the industry.

Bridgelink to acquire approximately 31.8% ownership stake in the newly combined company, Bitech, in exchange for Bitech gaining full control of Bridgelink at a rate of 0.225 per Bitech share as part of a share exchange agreement.

On January 11, 2024, board members of both companies sat around their conference tables, eagerly awaiting the announcement of the much-anticipated merger. After months of negotiations and discussions, it was finally time to seal the deal and solidify their partnership.

Bridgelink, a prominent renewable project development company with pre-negotiated financing capacity, is making waves in the business world with this important merger in progress. The company has recently revealed its plans to acquire approximately 31.8% ownership in the newly combined Bitech.

In exchange for this ownership stake, Bitech, a leading renewable tech enabler firm, will take control of 100% of Bridgelink. This strategic move is set to be executed as a share exchange at a value of 0.225 per Bitech [BTTC] share. At this deal point, the total valuation of Bitech has been estimated to be $108 million in market capitalization.

This merger is expected to bring immense benefits for both companies. With Bridgelink's expertise in large- scale solar and BESS project developments and Bitech's strong grasp on green energy technology innovation, the two companies are poised to create innovative and cutting-edge products that will revolutionize the tech industry.

Not only will this transaction result in significant financial gains for both parties involved, but it will also pave the way for future growth and success. By combining their resources and strengths, Bridgelink and Bitech are confident that they can reach new heights in the market and establish themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

Furthermore, this partnership will also open up new opportunities for the employees of both companies. The collaboration between these two companies will lead to increased job security and career growth prospects for their dedicated teams.

The decision to merge was not taken lightly by either company. Countless hours of negotiations and initial due diligence efforts have gone into finalizing this deal, ensuring that all aspects have been carefully considered and agreed upon by both parties.

With great anticipation and excitement, Bitech's CEO Benjamin Tran expressed his enthusiasm about this business combination stating that " this merger marks an important milestone for our company as we continue on our path towards growth and progress ." Similarly, Bridgelink's leadership team echoed similar sentiments about the promising future ahead.

As Bridgelink acquires its minority ownership stake in Bitech through a share exchange agreement, the tech world is eagerly waiting to see the impact of this merger and what game-changing innovations these two companies will bring forth in the coming months. As they join forces, Bridgelink and Bitech have set themselves on a path to redefine the boundaries of new technologies and take their businesses to unparalleled heights.

Bitech, currently led by its existing leadership team, shall maintain its name and ticker symbol with the addition of new core team members from Bridgelink.

Bitech, an emerging green energy tech enabler company, has recently announced a merger-in-progress with Bridgelink, a rising star in the renewable industry. This move is expected to come with both excitement and concern from stakeholders and investors alike.

Many have wondered what this partnership would mean for Bitech's future as a publicly traded company. Would it bring about positive changes or result in a loss of identity? These questions were finally put to rest as Bitech released an official statement addressing the matter in its recent 8-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Despite the merger, Bitech’s name and its ticker symbol BTTC shall remain unchanged. This decision was made with careful consideration of the company's strong brand recognition and reputation in the capital market. Bitech has been known as a publicly traded tech enabler, and its brand shall continue to represent these values post-merger.

In addition to retaining its identity, Bitech also announced that its current leadership team shall remain at the helm of the company. However, as part of this new partnership with Bridgelink, there will be an addition of core team members to further enhance the company's capabilities. These individuals bring highly valuable expertise and experience to Bitech, strengthening its position as an industry leader.

The future President of Bitech, Mr. Cole Johnson, expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter in Bitech's journey stating, "The merger with Bitech presents us with exciting opportunities for growth and development via powerful capital markets leading to limitless capital funding with several amenable options." He reassured his Bridgelink employees and shareholders that there would be no significant changes in management structure or day-to-day operations.

This news may be well received by investors who see it as a strategic move that will drive increased profitability for both companies. The combined efforts of Bitech and Bridgelink are expected to foster greater innovation, expand market reach, and solidify their position at the forefront of technological advancement.

As Bitech moves into this new phase of growth, they assure stakeholders that their commitment to delivering high-quality products and services remains unchanged. With an established brand name, a strong leadership team, and new talent on board from Bridgelink, the new Bitech is well-positioned to achieve even greater success in the future. The merger has opened up numerous opportunities for both companies and their stakeholders, and they are eager to embark on this new journey together.

Bitech is poised for significant growth with an approximate $150 million in asset injection via 5.8GW of power from pipeline of projects contributed by Bridgelink, thus positioning Bitech for uplisting on the NASDAQ Global Market.

Bridgelink has been a key player in the renewable energy industry for the last 12 years, constantly striving to push the boundaries and create innovative solutions. So when news broke of their merger with Bitech, it came as no surprise to those familiar with both companies. However, what did come as a shock was the magnitude of Bridgelink's contributions to this merger as both parties are predicting a foreseeable brighter future together as one.

One of the major contributions from Bridgelink into this merger was approximately $150 million in asset valuation coming from an impressive 2GW (gigawatts) in Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects staggering 3.8 GW (gigawatts) in solar projects in its current pipeline with so many benefits in Investment Tax Credits (ITC) of up to 50%. These assets not only solidified the financial stability of the merger but also showcased Bridgelink's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

The addition of such large-scale BESS and solar projects instantly gives Bitech an edge in the industry. With these assets under their belt, they are now on par for uplisting on NASDAQ Global Market – a feat that only a handful of companies could achieve.

The decision-makers at Bitech were thrilled about the potential growth and success that this merger would bring. They knew that with this level of financial backing and project development expertise from Bridgelink, together with new BESS and solar technologies come with excellent equipment financing terms and fast delivery schedules from strategic suppliers brough in by Bitech, they together could make significant strides towards becoming a leader in clean energy production.

Furthermore, this merger provided an opportunity for both companies to expand their reach and make their mark on the global renewable energy market. The partnership between Bridgelink and Bitech is like combining two puzzle pieces – each one completing what the other lacks.

As more details about the merger to be emerged in the near future, it has become clear that this was not just another business deal but rather a strategic move towards creating a brighter and greener future for all.

With preparations underway for uplisting on NASDAQ Global Market, there is no doubt that Bridgelink's contributions have put Bitech Technologies [OTCQB: BTTC] firmly on the path towards success. The merging of these two companies is more than just a financial transaction; it's a joining of forces to drive change and make a positive impact on the world.

Bitech has pre-negotiated financings in place, offering a range of financing options from institutional investors who prioritize consistent returns and sustainable operations.

As the executives of both green energy companies gathered around the conference table in Bridgelink’s headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, they were filled with excitement and anticipation for the business combination that lay before them. With pre-negotiated financings already in place and substantial offers of $250 million and $100 million for their first (ready to build) RTB-staged projects, they knew that they were well-equipped with a plethora of financing capabilities.

This impressive financial backing has opened up a world of possibilities for both companies upon business combination, allowing them to move forward with confidence and efficiency. The well-established relationships with lenders and investors gave them the advantage of a swift and seamless capital raise, a crucial factor in today's fast-paced business landscape.

The timing could not be more perfect, as institutional investors in the energy industry are aggressively seeking out sustainable revenue opportunities with predictable returns on investment. This is exactly what this business combination offered – a solid foundation for future growth and profitability.

With such strong interest from potential investors, it was clear that this partnership would be a game-changer for both parties involved. The emerging new energy company would benefit from technical expertise and financial resources while providing these investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolios.

As discussions continued, it became evident that this is not just a chance for financial gain but also an opportunity to make a positive impact on the future of renewable energy. With environmental concerns at an all-time high, there are increasing pressure on companies to invest in sustainable solutions. This business combination shall have all the makings of success – financially sound, ethically responsible, and innovative in its approach.

These executives left their board room meeting feeling optimistic about what lay ahead. The road may still have challenges to overcome but armed with such strong financing capabilities and support from like-minded investors, they were ready to tackle any obstacles that may come their way.

The combo team has realized that this partnership has great potential not only for themselves but also for the society as a whole. By collaborating and leveraging each other's strengths, they could drive meaningful change towards a greener future. And with the backing of institutional investors in the energy industry, they are well on their way to achieving their goals and making a lasting impact.

The business combination exemplifies a successful win-win scenario in which both parties contribute complementary expertise to a new partnership, resulting in accelerated growth with a clearly foreseeable future.

The partnership between the two companies has been touted as a game-changer in the renewable energy industry. It was seen as a prime example of a mutually beneficial collaboration, one that would not only benefit the two parties involved but also have a positive impact on the environment.

At its core, this partnership revolved around combining the expertise of two leading players in the renewable energy sector - one specializes in large-scale utility projects with U.S. financing capacity, while the other has recently excelled in innovative green technology solutions with international capital connections and Vietnam- based manufacturing capability. Together, they are a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Bridgelink brings years of experience and knowledge in developing and implementing large-scale renewable energy projects. They had successfully executed numerous projects originating from Texas and neighboring states, from solar parks to BESS fields, and has established themselves as a leader in their field.

On the other hand, Bitech has been known for its green energy technology innovations with system integration approach. Their team of innovators with lower cost of human capital via offshore outsourcing capacity has lately pushed new boundaries and developed cutting-edge solutions to harness clean energy. Their technology solutions are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective and efficient, spanning specialty EMS solutions for smart home, smart buildings, smart campuses, and smart cities in alignment with digital transformation practicality.

By joining forces, both companies could leverage each other's strengths and skills. The large-scale project expertise of one company would complement the innovative green technology of the other, creating a comprehensive solution for renewable energy production.

This collaboration is not just limited to financial gains for both parties; it is also an opportunity for them to make a significant impact on society. With climate change being an urgent global issue, this partnership aims to accelerate the transition towards sustainable forms of energy production.

It is truly a win-win situation for all involved – from shareholders to customers to Mother Nature. The possibilities were endless with this powerful alliance at work.

As news of this monumental partnership spread, stakeholders from all over have expressed their enthusiasm and support. Governments could see it as a step towards achieving their environmental goals, investors could perceive it as promising growth potential, and consumers could understand it as responsible business practices.

In conclusion, this partnership showcases how collaboration can bring about positive change. By combining their complementary expertise, these two companies were paving the way for a cleaner, greener future. It is a partnership that would not only benefit both parties but also make a significant contribution towards creating a sustainable world for generations to come.

Bitech is expected to quickly become a prominent player in the energy sector, establishing a strong presence by holding approximately 10% of the BESS market and 2.5% of the solar industry in the United States.

The energy industry has always been a highly competitive and ever-evolving landscape, with new players constantly emerging in the market. However, one name that has risen above the rest is the Bitech-Bridgelink combo. This powerful duo has quickly established itself as an emerging leader in the energy sector, leaving a significant mark with their impressive portfolio of projects.

Bitech-Bridgelink's success can be attributed to their innovative approach and relentless pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. In just a short span of time, in approximately 3 years of relentless project development work, Bridgelink has managed to secure an impressive pipeline of 2GW of power in their Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects and 3.8GW of power in their Solar projects. These numbers are a testament to their commitment towards creating a greener future.

With 2GW of BESS power in its project pipeline, this remarkable achievement has not gone unnoticed, as Bitech-Bridgelink now holds a major stake in the BESS industry, controlling almost 10% of the U.S. market share. According to Energy Storage News in November 2023, looking forward, the BESS development pipeline in the U.S. – defined as under construction or in ‘advanced’ development – has grown by 50% year-on-year to around 21.5GW/62.1GWh, comprised of 262 projects. The amount of large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) completed in the US as of Q3 2023 already exceeds the whole of 2022, American Clean Power (ACP) said.[1]

Thanks to the rapid expansion of the solar industry, the U.S. now has about 161 gigawatts of solar installed.[2] With 3.8GW of solar power in its pipeline, the Bitech-Bridgelink combo’s presence is also felt in the solar industry, where they have secured about 2.5% of the market share, solidifying their position as a major player in both sectors.

Their success can be attributed to their strong partnerships with leading technology companies and financial institutions. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and strategic collaborations, the Bitech-Bridgelink business combination has been able to offer cost-effective and reliable solutions to its clients.

In addition to their impressive portfolio and market penetration, the Bitech-Bridgelink combo sets itself apart by prioritizing sustainability in all its operations. They understand that renewable energy is not only crucial for our planet but also for long-term economic growth.

As they continue to expand their reach and cement themselves as leaders in the energy sector, the Bitech- Bridgelink team remains committed to pushing boundaries and setting new standards for sustainable energy practices. With their vision and determination, it's clear that this duo will continue making waves in the industry for years to come. The Bitech-Bridgelink combo is certainly one to watch out for in the energy market.

Bitech is experiencing robust growth due to its advanced renewable technology solutions and sustainable operations, making it a significant player in the movement towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Bitech, a leader in the renewable energy sector, has been making waves with their strong presence and revolutionary approach towards sustainability and innovation. With a dedicated focus on integrating cutting- edge technologies and providing reliable clean energy solutions, they have earned themselves a reputable name among both clients and competitors.

Their commitment to creating a greener future has set them apart in the industry. Bitech's advancements in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and solar markets have elevated them to the forefront of the renewable energy movement. Their unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and expanding their reach has solidified their position as a key contributor to the progression towards a more sustainable world.

Working with highly selected technology partners, Bitech plans to apply the latest BESS solutions which have proven to be a game-changer, providing efficient storage solutions for excess renewable energy. This allows for uninterrupted power supply even when solar or wind energy is not available. Bitech shall procure leading- edge BESS systems that have garnered widespread recognition for their reliability and effectiveness, making their BESS operations an attractive choice for investors looking for the highest possible ROIs with the most efficient transitioning to cleaner sources of energy.

In addition to BESS, Bitech's innovative approach extends into the solar market as well. Their planned usage of advanced solar panels for high temperature endurance are highly efficient in harnessing solar energy, providing clean power at affordable prices. The combination of their cutting-edge technologies for energy saving solutions and commitment to sustainability has made Bitech-Bridgelink a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

As they continue to expand their reach and make strides towards further innovation, Bitech's influence is only set to grow stronger. Their determination to drive progress towards a greener future has gained the respect from clients, competitors, and experts alike.

With each new project undertaken by the Bitech-Bridgelink combo team, they are setting new standards within the renewable energy sector. Their unwavering dedication towards cleaner sources of energy is shaping not just the industry but also our planet's future.

It is clearly expected that the new Bitech, upon a business combination with Bridgelink will play an integral role in leading the world towards a more sustainable tomorrow. As they continue on this path with their mission of providing reliable clean energy solutions, the new Bitech's impact will only continue to grow globally, solidifying its position as a trailblazer and key driver of change in the renewable energy sector.


  1. US large-scale BESS installations in 2023 already exceed whole of 2022

  2. The US installed more solar in 2023 than ever before