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June 2, 2022

Costa Mesa, CA, June 2, 2022 – Bitech Technologies Corporation (formerly, Spine Injury Solutions, Inc) [OTCQB: SPIN] (the “Company”), a global technology solution provider dedicated to providing a suite of green energy solutions with a focus in cryptocurrency mining, data centers and other renewable energy initiatives today announces the testing results from National Technical Systems, Inc. (NTS) on the Company’s initial engineering sample which confirmed an energy efficiency multiple of three with the usage of Tesdison system on sample appliances.

NTS conducted testing in October 2019 on the Tesdison engineering unit built around U.S. patent no. 10, 547,179, B2. The Tesdison unit was developed to maximize electric output, providing continuous renewable energy from the electricity that has been stored in batteries of the unit. NTS ( is an independent testing, inspection, and certification company. With 59 worldwide locations, NTS provides its customers with best-in-class testing services to serve a wide range of industries, including space, defense, automotive, energy, electronics, telecommunications, medical, IoT, industrial, and aviation. NTS can create blended environments to ensure its customers’ products are able to work exactly how they want in any real-world situation. NTS is a one-stop shop for climatic and environmental testing, being able to simulate any condition on earth and beyond.

According to the Market Insider report issued on May 31, 2022 (1) , International Energy Agency chief Fatih Birol has warned of a triple energy crisis that could be "much bigger" and longer lasting than the 1970s. The United States and Europe face fuel shortages as summer vacations get underway. "We have an oil crisis, a gas crisis and an electricity crisis simultaneously," said Mr. Birol. Currently, oil, gas, and electricity prices are soaring on both sides of the Atlantic, leading to a cost-of-living crisis. Meanwhile, the average price of U.S. electricity has increased 6.1% over the past year, as data from the Environmental Investigation Agency showed.

The Company is working diligently in all directions to expand its business of bringing a suite of green energy solutions to the world. With the Tesdison technology validated by NTS, Tesdison technology is expected to be the first of our electricity efficiency solutions to address the world energy crisis today.

The success of these engineering tests from NTS allows Bitech to move forward with confidence to start our commercialization process of the Tesdison technology, not only aiming at cryptocurrency mining application, but also expanding its use to other industry applications where green energy, especially electricity, is of exigency,” stated Dr. Benjamin Tran, Chairman and CEO of Bitech Technologies.

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NTS actually performed its testing three times on our Tesdison unit as engineering sample to ensure accuracy and the result was just amazing. With the Tesdison unit turned on, it was able to deliver a constant flow of AC voltage for more than 3 times the duration of the batteries alone. This technology has been proven to increase the output of the initial stored voltage and amps exponentially, effectively creating additional renewable energy capacity”, commented Mr. Calvin Cao, the Tesdison technology inventor and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Company.

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Bitech Technologies Corporation (OTCQB: BTTC), is a technology solution provider dedicated to providing a suite of green energy solutions with a focus on green data centers, commercial and residential utility, electric vehicle infrastructure, and other renewable energy initiatives. We plan to pursue these innovative energy technologies through research and development, planned acquisitions of other green energy technologies and plans to become a grid-balancing operator using Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions and applying new green technologies in power plants as a technology enabler in the green energy sector. While participating in the clean energy economy, we are seeking business partnerships with defensible technology innovators and renewable energy providers to facilitate investments, provide new market entries toward emerging-growth regions and implement or manufacture these innovative, scalable energy system solutions with technological focuses on smart grids, Building Energy Management System (BEMS), energy storage, and EV infrastructure. We are seeking business partnerships with renewable energy providers and value-added resellers to facilitate and implement innovative, scalable and modular energy system solutions. For more information, please visit

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