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verticle energy battery containers

Bitech provides a full set of new energy storage solutions for the generation, storage and utilization of electricity. We offer extensive energy storage product lineup including backup energy storage for solar and wind power stations, containerized battery energy storage system (BESS) power stations, BESS for EV charging stations, residential ESS, utility ESS, and C&I ESS.

Energy Storage in Power Generation

Bitech offers innovative energy storage systems provide energy storage and output management in power generation using electrochemical technology and renewable energy power generation technology to form a joint system structure. Through the high-level consistency of cells and the powerful computing of BMS, the innovative structure of the joint system enables the power generation to restore a stable power grid, optimize the power output curve, reduce solar and wind curtailment, provide system inertia and the functions of frequency and peak modulation, increase the proportion of renewable energy in total power generation, and optimize the energy structure.

energy battery containers

Energy Storage in Power Transmission and Distribution

Bitech offers energy storage systems that provide smart load management for power transmission and distribution. The systems can modulate frequency and peak in time responding to power grid loads. The innovative material and design of electrochemical energy storage system offer the functions of capacity enhancement and expansion, backup power supply, and many other power management functions, thus adopting more renewable energy in power transmission and distribution to ensure the safe, stable, efficient and low-cost operation of the power grid.

Energy Storage in Residential Application

Bitech provides a clean efficient, and reliable energy future for generations to come.

As electricity purchase price is relatively high and the price of feeding into grid is relatively low, consumers can install Bitech ESS products as self-consumption operated home energy storage systems which are designed to maximize the advantage of ESS and minimize the electricity bill accordingly.

Bitech offers residential energy storage system which is a Lithium-ion battery (the most commonly used type) combined with solar or wind power systems and connected to the grid, allowing homeowners to store excess energy for later consumption. In solar energy home usage, Bitech’s residential ESS can store electricity generated during the day by solar PV panels and power your home or electric vehicle (EV) during gloomy, rainy days, or after the sun sets. Bitech ESS will be your first and last step to achieving energy independence, reducing electricity bills, providing backup power during a blackout or emergency, and decarbonizing the grid.

Battery Energy Storage System for Smart Utility

By storing any excess renewables and smoothing out the energy output, large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) enable variable energy shifting and ensure power supply is available and sufficient when needed. Bitech's large-scale energy storage solution involves the use of state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technologies, fire suppression systems, liquid cooling units, monitoring systems, to reliably store energy on a utility level. It is designed to improve resilience, reliability, and efficiency for renewable energy storage and has demonstrated field-proven performance in various application scenarios.