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Clay Johnson

VP, Business Development

Clay Johnson joined Bitech Technologies in April 2024 as a highly accomplished leader and Vice President of Business Development. With a remarkable track record spanning over 15 years in the energy industry, Clay has played a pivotal role in driving upward growth for the success of Bridgelink Investments, a Tier 1e solar and battery development and investment company in Texas. He stays updated on industry trends, competitor activities, and market dynamics to identify new business opportunities.

Utilizing his market insights, Clay shapes and enhances the company's competitive position while also serving as a mentor to the sales team. Under his guidance, the team has delivered exceptional performance, fostered a collaborative culture, and continuously improved their strategies. Throughout his career, Clay has successfully negotiated and structured numerous contracts that have contributed significantly to Bridgelink's growth and profitability. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in propelling Bridgelink towards greater success in the energy industry.

Known for his exceptional relationship-building skills, Clay has become a highly regarded figure within the energy sector. He has successfully cultivated close ties with numerous Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Owner Operators, and financiers through his strong communication and interpersonal abilities. These relationships have not only bolstered business development efforts but have also solidified his reputation as a trusted partner in the industry. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the energy sector, Clay is also a new valuable member of the investment team at Bitech Technologies. His insights and perspectives play a crucial role in guiding strategic decision-making processes towards both business growth and the overall success of Bitech Technologies.