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Cole Johnson


Joining Bitech Technologies in April 2024 via a merger, Mr. Johnson is a highly accomplished executive with over twenty years of experience in the energy industry. He has held various leadership roles and currently serves on multiple boards. As Chairman and CEO of Bridgelink Companies, he focuses on driving strategic growth for all entities under its umbrella. His expertise and leadership have played a critical role in the day-to-day growth of each asset within Bridgelink. In early 2018, Mr. Johnson shifted his focus to growing the family office and development sector of the business. Under his guidance, the family office has amassed $550 million in assets and company shares, positioning it as a leading investment and development firm in Texas.

Under Mr. Johnson’s leadership as Chairman and CEO, the development team has achieved exceptional growth in their pipeline backlog, with over 10GW of power set to come online, expectedly in the next 36 months across the United States. This impressive achievement is coupled with the success of two major commercial land development projects and a midstream asset project. Mr. Johnson's visionary leadership and oversight have been instrumental in guiding the family office from managing a few million-dollar investments to a projected $1B under management by 2026.

In 2012, Mr. Johnson embarked on his journey of building a company portfolio in the energy sector, with a focus on construction and development services. Through sheer hard work and dedication, he was able to grow this portfolio from scratch to generating over $150M in annual revenue with an impressive 20 percent gross profit margin. This was achieved by strategically expanding into new divisions and geographical regions, as well as utilizing mergers and acquisitions to accelerate growth. By 2018, Mr. Johnson had successfully established a strong management team to handle the day-to-day operations of the construction and development side, allowing him to shift his attention towards investing in energy infrastructure projects through his family office. While still securing revenue from traditional sources such as oil and gas, Mr. Johnson's focus has now shifted towards renewable energy sources, showcasing his commitment towards sustainable development in the industry.

Mr. Johnson, with his vast experience in the energy sector, had a vision to develop environmentally sustainable power projects in strategic areas. Starting with their first project of 400MW solar and BESS in Texas's ERCOT market, he laid the foundation for a successful journey ahead. Over the years, Mr. Johnson continued to expand the company's portfolio through various transactions, such as securing capital for early-stage projects, negotiating and qualifying projects for project financing, acquiring strategic projects, and bringing on necessary funds to build a highly desirable pipeline of projects. As a result of his efforts and expertise, Mr. Johnson has successfully completed over $500 million worth of transactions while serving as the CEO of the family office. His determination and leadership have not only driven the growth of his company but also contributed towards promoting clean energy initiatives within strategic regions.

In the past recent years, Mr. Johnson has been carefully observing the global market trends and has identified a need for an international partner with advanced green energy technology portfolios to further expand his family business. With this vision in mind, Mr. Johnson collaborated with Bitech Technologies an finally merged with them, aiming to bring large-scale renewable projects online as an Independent Power Producer (IPP), as he understands the importance of balancing the grid and introducing new technologies for more efficient power generation. Leveraging the strong infrastructure background of his executive team and Bitech's expertise in renewable technologies, he aims to empower the new Bitech team to swiftly and effectively bring these high ROI projects online to meet the ever-growing demand for power in the United States. This strategic collaboration is expected to have a significant impact on not only the new Bitech but also on the overall development of sustainable energy solutions globally.