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Steve Phu

Head, Asia Development

Steve Phu brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of banking and finance as well as international business development. Steve joined Bitech Technologies in 2022 as the Head of Asia Development. With his extensive business relationships in family offices and a passion the field of green energy, Steve has established himself as a new leader in the industry, particularly in the area of sourcing deals for cleantech innovation and manufacturing as well as media relationships in Asia. Prior to joining Bitech Technologies, Steve served as Executive Vice President at Platinum Energy Recovery Corp, a Singapore-based enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology business in partnerships with Petro Vietnam, Petronas, and Philippine National Oil for mid-field oil & gas concessions from 2017 to 2020. From 2014 to 2017, he held the position of Vice President of International Development at International Western Petroleum, a Texas-based E&P company with oil & gas concession in the Midland area.

Prior to his involvement in the energy sector, Steve, as a mortgage banker, co-founded Interlink Home Loan and grew it into one of the largest home loan networks in the western region of the US with over 100 nationwide lenders and hundreds of mortgage brokers in just ten years. He has also worked for Wells Fargo and Bank of New York, holding senior corporate banking positions and served as a wholesale mortgage banker at Republic National Bank of New York for over one decade. With his vast international knowledge and experience, Steve is well-equipped to lead Bitech Technologies' business development efforts in Asia and continue to foster global growth within the company's relationships with technologically advanced organizations such as Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) which incubated world leading TSMC, UMC, Taiwan Mask, with large capital funding by the Taiwan government. Steve Phu holds a BS in Business Administration from Cal State Long Beach, California.