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  1. 1. ISO/IOU Muni Power Utility Engagements

    As the energy industry continues to evolve and adapt to modern technology, one area that has seen significant growth is Automatic Demand Response (ADR) applications. Bitech Technologies offers a new concept of "value-stacked" revenues has further increased the appeal of ADR, showing great potential in addressing solar ramp-up/ramp-down challenges and balancing supply-demand in the energy grid. With our proven track record and ability to unlock new revenue streams, Bitech ADR is a new vital tool in achieving sustainable and efficient energy management on a large scale.

    • Automatic Demand Response (ADR) application a mature and large market for smart energy management, now new applications and “value-stacked” revenues

    • ADR used for solar ramp-up/ramp-down and for supply-demand balancing

    • Multiple stakeholders: ISOs, residents/tenants, enterprises, municipality

    • More distributed ADR & V2G (Fleet Vehicle to Grid) services for Enterprise will also be popular with matured ADR implementation

    Microgrid Buildings

    Bitech Technologies pioneers in Microgrid Building Solutions, providing advanced ADR (Automated Demand Response) solutions to various stakeholders including ISOs, residents/tenants, enterprises, and municipalities. These solutions are designed to help manage the demand for energy during peak usage periods and minimize overall energy consumption.

    Power Utilities Engagement ADR for Commercial-Industrial Market Solutions

    Bitech Technologies’ technology readily applies to warehouses, office building, university dorm rooms, mixed-use commercial, and other building types; we are planning to start a paid trial with a US-based leader in refrigerated warehouses.

  2. 2. Muni/County Government Services

    County governments are responsible for providing various essential services to their residents, such as utilities. However, due to the limited size and resources of county governments, they often face challenges in efficiently managing and maintaining these services on their own. This is where value added vendors like Bitech Technologies come in. We are external company that provides specialized services to supplement and enhance the capabilities of county governments. From electricity and water supply to waste management and transportation, value added vendors like Bitech play a crucial role in supporting the operations of county governments. By partnering with Bitech, county governments can focus on their core responsibilities while still ensuring that their citizens receive reliable and high-quality utilities services.

    • County governments are normally not big enough to support their own utilities services, need help from value added vendors

    • Multiple and nearby county governments serve a new type of Power Utilities services organizations