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Through a portfolio of targeted acquisition candidates, we derive our “Smart Acquisition Model” as illustrated in the diagram below. The key element of this model is identifying and acquiring defensible technologies accompanied by visionary management teams who share a common goal with us. We believe this approach will enable us to unlock the potential within these companies through capital infusion and accelerate their growth. Our ultimate goal is to incubate these acquired companies and eventually spinning them off, merging them with larger companies or forming global joint ventures, while also facilitating market entry into one of today’s fastest growing region, that being Southeast Asia.

We acquire, infuse capital, accelerate growth, and globalize to create the next unicorns.

  • Identify disruptive technologies in the area of energy storage, smart grid, BEMS, and EV infrastructure.

  • Focus on green data centers, utilities, smart city, and renewable energy projects.

  • Accelerate new market entry of innovative energy technologies in emerging growth regions.